Guide To Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is one of the world's most scenic road trips. It's been voted as one of Australia’s top 10 destination experiences in 2013 and it's recognized as having one of Australia’s top 10 sunsets by Aussie’s themselves. The winding road guides you through world class surfs, canopied rainforests, beautiful small beach towns, past the iconic 12 Apostles and ending with the small fishing village of Port Fairy.

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5 Coffee Shops You Must Try In Melbourne

Melbourne has a love affair with coffee. This is a city that's home to countless cool coffee shops serving up artisanal cups of magic. It's the one place in the world where I pity Starbucks. I can only imagine the hipster population turning up their collective noses at the sad cup of Joe that Starbucks dares to peddle to this sophisticated town.

This past month I've sampled quite a few different places trying to find the best coffee in town.

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Crash Course In Aussie Lingo

Known as "Aussie Strine", Australian slang is almost a language unto itself. It's a colorful and descriptive way of speaking that I definitely enjoyed listening to and trying to unravel. So before you board the plane, here are some of my favorites that'll (hopefully) help you beef up on your Aussie lingo.

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Why You Must Visit St. Kilda

St. Kilda isn't an area that's necessarily on people's must visit list when in Melbourne, which is a shame. This is a beautiful neighborhood filled with chilled out bars, fantastic food and funky stores. Best of all it's only a 15 minute tram ride from CBD. It's definitely worth the trip to enjoy it's attractions, an early morning coffee or a night out in a bar.

These are my top reasons for why you must visit St. Kilda:

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Guide For Places To Work For Digital Nomads

Melbourne and Australia (in general) are not places I'd consider friendly to penny pinching digital nomads. The cost of living here is exorbitantly high. Anyone planning an extended stay in this area should secure contract work prior to coming. Nomads who are already in Melbourne and trying to find a comfortable place to work with free wifi (at first glance) might think the city doesn't cater to them. I experienced this, but after some research I found the following great places to plugin and get work done while on the road.

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Yarra Valley Wine Tasting Tour

Australia is one of the world's top wine producers and (while in Melbourne) you must make time to visit Yarra Valley. There's over 80 wineries in Yarra, 50 of which have an open cellar door for tastings. Since I was traveling solo, and didn't want to drive home drunk, I booked a Yara wine tour.

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Your Survival Guide To The Australian Open

This year I was lucky enough to attend the first three days of the Australian Open in Melbourne. The first two days I entered with ground passes and on the third day I had a ticket to the morning session in Rod Laver Arena. I loved the experience, but now that it's done I wish I'd known some information that would've made it even better. This is what you need to know before attending the Australian Open.

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A Guide To Melbourne’s Lanes, Art Alleys and Arcades

Melbourne, Sydney's artistic sister, is famous for its lanes, alleyways, arcades and cafe society. Walking through its hipster streets is an attraction not to be missed. These streets move to a rhythm all their own. There's a new revelation waiting to be discovered round every corner. Below is my guide to Melbourne's must see arcades, lanes and street art.

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Everything You Need To Know About Myki

Melbourne has a wonderful public transportation system. To get around the city (and surrounding suburbs) there's really no need to rent a car. The train, tram and bus system will get you to where you need to go. The first thing you need to do when you get into Melbourne is get a Myki card.

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