Introduction To Australia

Australia is an amazing country that offers it’s visitors a unique travel experience. It’s has an endless supply of natural beauty that includes the Outback, rainforests, beaches and of course the world famous Great Barrier Reef. It also has beautiful cosmopolitan cities like Sydney and Melbourne, that entice tourists with a wide range of attractions, shopping and vibrant food culture. Australia may sit on the other side of the world, but trust me this magical place is worth the effort to visit.


Melbourne & Victoria Region

Melbourne is a hipster city that many recognize as being Australia’s cultural center. It has a vibrant and artistic side that can be seen through the edgy street art that line it’s alleyways, its art galleries and the many festivals that run throughout the year. Visitors are spoilt for choice when it comes to chic cafes, restaurants and rooftop bars. Melbourne also has a huge sports culture. This city hosts some of the biggest events related to cricket, Australian rules football, tennis and horse racing. No matter when you visit, it’s almost guaranteed a major sports event will be going on.



Queensland is a massive state in the north of Australia that’s considered to be the sunshine state. This is a favorite holiday destination for locals and tourists, it has lots to see and do. Dive in the Great Barrier Reef, a world marvel that’s teaming with a technicolor of marine life. Visit the island paradise around WhitSunday and Mackay. Learn to surf on the Sunshine Coast. Relax in the hippie beach town of Bryon Bay. Whatever you’re looking for odds are Queensland has it and much more.


Sydney & New South Wales Region

New South Wales is a popular tourist destination that offers stunning stretches of coastline which are dotted with quaint surfer towns, beautiful national parks and of course its crown jewel Sydney. Like Melbourne, Sydney is a large, cosmopolitan and dynamic city that’s constantly changing and evolving. Visitors in Sydney can visit iconic buildings like the opera house, relax on the world famous Bondi beach or spend their days tasting incredible food and shopping. Sydney has it all.


Australia Video Blogs

Below are my video blogs from my travels throughout Australia.