Crash Course In Aussie Lingo

Known as “Aussie Strine”, Australian slang is almost a language unto itself. It’s a colorful and descriptive way of speaking that I definitely enjoyed listening to and trying to unravel. So before you board the plane, here are some of my favorites that’ll (hopefully) help you beef up on your Aussie lingo.

The Basics

Aerial Ping Pong: Australian Rules Football

Arvo: Afternoon, referring to anytime after 12:00

Brolly: Umbrella

Bucks: Bachelor party

Budgy Smuggler: Speedos

Defo: Short for definitely

Dunnies: Bathroom

Hens: A bachelorette party

Hooroo: goodbye

Fair dinkum: Something that’s true or genuine

Mozzies: Mosquitoes

Pash: Passionate kiss

Pash and dash: Making out with someone with no future intent

Poo man: Plumber

Poo tickets: Toilet paper

Swimmers: Bathing Suits

Ta: Thank you

Thongs: Flip flops

Whinge: Complain

Bar or Alcohol Related

Bottle-o: A liquor store

Crack A Tinnie: Open a can of beer

Cleanskin: An unlabeled bottle of wine

Liquid Laugh: Vomiting

On The Piss: Drinking alcohol

Pissed: Drunk

Plonk: Cheap wine

Pokies: Poker machines

Schooner: Large glass of beer

Shout: Someone’s turn to buy a round of drinks

Tinny: A can of beer


When They’re Making Fun Of You

Bogan: Redneck, someone who is uncultured

Dag: Someone who doesn’t dress well or has unrefined manners

Drongo: Foolish person

Grommet: Someone new to surfing

Shark biscuit: Amateur surfer

Wanker: A ridiculous person

Words That Sound Like What They Describe

Boardies: Boardshorts

Brekkie: Breakfast

Chewie: Chewing gum

Chemist: Pharmacy

Exy: Expensive

Prezzy: Present

Rellio/Relo: Relative

Scratchies: Scratch lottery tickets

Sickie: Calling in sick to work

Sunnies: Sunglasses

Tracky: Tracksuit

Ute: Utility vehicle


Barbie: Barbeque

Milkbar: Cornershop that sells takeaway food

Snag: Sausage

Tea: Supper

Tucker: Food

Sanger: Sandwich

Maccas: McDonalds

Hungry Jacks: Burger King

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