Guide For Places To Work For Digital Nomads

Melbourne and Australia (in general) are not places I’d consider friendly to penny pinching digital nomads. The cost of living here is exorbitantly high. Anyone planning an extended stay in this area should secure contract work prior to coming. Nomads who are already in Melbourne and trying to find a comfortable place to work with free wifi (at first glance) might think the city doesn’t cater to them.  I experienced this, but after some research I found the following great places to plugin and get work done while on the road.

1. City Libraries

Melbourne libraries are a great place to find quiet and comfortable space to work with access to free wifi. The city offers six libraries that are spread across Central City, Carlton, Docklands, East Melbourne, North Melbourne and Southbank.

While I was in Melbourne my preferred work space was the Central City library. It has great wifi (strong enough to stream video content), lots of desks spread across two floors and a great study room with easy access to power outlets. In my mind, this is the best place for digital nomads to work in Melbourne.

Check out this link for locations and hours for all Melbourne libraries.

The City Library is conveniently located near Flinders Street

2. The Journal

Maybe you prefer to work in a space that’s a little more lively with access to food and drink. Right next to the City Library is a great cafe called “The Journal”. This is a nice little place with suspended bookshelves and retro furniture. It can get busy, but it’s a good place to work. Every time I passed this cafe, I’d see people sitting inside or on the outside benches with their laptops working.

The Journal is reasonably priced cafe offering good space
Address: 253 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone:  (03) 9650 4399

3. The Gallery

This cafe offers a great space. It has a number of benches available with easy access to power outlets, it offers great WiFi service and a notoriously good playlist. As a bonus, this friendly cafe serves great food and coffee to energize you throughout the day.

There are benches in the back with easy access to power outlets

Address: 361 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne VIC 3000

4. Hudson Coffee

The Hudson coffeeshop on Elizabeth street in CBD has a great work space setup. I especially liked the second floor alcove, it felt removed from the activity below. You get an hour free with every purchase you make. When I was there the staff were pretty relaxed, if you ask nicely they may give you extra internet time without additional purchases. The one drawback, there’s only one power outlet on the second floor.

Hudson Coffee on Elizabeth Street offers great work alcove on second floor

Address: 84-86 Elizabeth St, Melbourne VIC 3000

5. McDonalds

McDonalds might seem like a unlikely workplace candidate, but Maccas near Flinders street offers unlimited wifi and lots of space (it can seat up to 130 people). It’s actually quite functional. A number of times when I gave into my junk food cravings, I found myself dragging my laptop along to get some work done.

McDonalds is good option for working with its free wifi, large interior and easy access to food and drink

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