North Island

The North Island of New Zealand is often eclipsed by the more popular South Island. Which is curious, since the North Island has a lot to offer its visitors. After all, three quarters of the population lives in the North Isle. Looking for natural wonder? Check out the Coromandel Peninsula on the East coast which offers wild surf, beautiful nature and great walks in accessible nature. Then there’s the Hauraki Gulf, which is dotted with over 50 islands offering incredible beaches, wineries, hiking trails and one-of-a-kind sanctuaries for some New Zealand’s most endangered species. The North Island is also your best chance to experience authentic Maori culture. The Maori are far more prevalent in the North than in the South. Finally, the North Island has two of the biggest cities in New Zealand (Auckland and Wellington) and offers you the best opportunities to experience the best of Kiwi city living.