Loving Venice While Stalking Guy Fieri

I spent April and May of this year traveling Europe on my own and loving it. It's June and I've arrived into Venice's Marco Polo airport to meet up with my brother and his fiance. We've planned to spend 2 weeks together traveling through Italy and Croatia. This is the first visit to Venice for all of us and we're excited to see whether the city matches its reputation.

From Alilaguna ferry we catch our first glimpse of Venice by sea and it's magnificent. It's exactly as seen in the movies, gorgeous Venetian buildings jutting against the blue waters of the Adriatic. Sitting in the back of the ferry, I can feel the goosebumps rise on my arms.

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Visit Sardinia The Jewel Of Italy

Sardinia, the second largest island in the Mediterranean, is heaven on Earth. Across this island are countless mountain ranges, beautiful beaches and idyllic towns. The great joy of traveling across Sardinia, is uncovering its many hidden treasures. You'll discover enchanting beaches, inlets and coves; some accessible by car others only by boat.

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Fuck Rome. Marry Mumford & Sons. Kill Brother.

I love my brother but if I had a gun or a sharp object there's no doubt in my mind that in that moment at 3am, a triple homicide would have gone down.

I would've murdered my brother (and all witnesses) in a bout of temporary insanity.

I've never had a day go from so good to so bad that quick.

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