A Guide to David Cerny’s Statues – Prague’s Banksy

David Cerny is the original Banksy. A daring, controversial and artistic trailblazer. His work is designed to provoke a reaction, force you to think and sometimes brazenly pushes political statements. In fact, he garnered infamy with his first piece "Pink Tank".

He managed to get a hold of a WWII Soviet tank, painted it pink and then placed a giant middle finger on it. It resulted in him getting arrested. There's nothing subtle about Cerny's work.

Over the years, his statues have become part of the city's landscape. Below is my guide to David Cerny's statues.

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Prague Top Attractions

Prague was one of the first cities I visited on my sabbatical and I was immediately besotted by its timeless beauty. This city is made for lovers, and it's why I wrote that all solo travelers should be banned from Prague.

Nicknamed the city of a hundred spires, walking through its narrow cobbled streets, I guarantee you'll fall under its spell. There's few places on this Earth that can match the simple romantic beauty of viewing Prague Castle from Charles Bridge at sunrise or sunset.

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Solo-Travelers Should Be Banned From Prague

Singles and solo-travelers should be banned from Prague. I say this with their best interests in mind.

The moment I arrived into the city I was struck by its romantic beauty; which was especially deadly during sunrise or sunset. Seeing Charles Bridge and Prague Castle bathed in the warm orange glow of early sunlight was simply stunning. Yet (at the same time) it gutted me. Prague made me mourn the fact that I was both single and a solo-traveler.

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