Solo-Travelers Should Be Banned From Prague

Singles and solo-travelers should be banned from Prague. I say this with their best interests in mind.

The moment I arrived into the city I was struck by its romantic beauty; which was especially deadly during sunrise or sunset. Seeing Charles Bridge and Prague Castle bathed in the warm orange glow of early sunlight was simply stunning. Yet (at the same time) it gutted me. Prague made me mourn the fact that I was both single and a solo-traveler.

So to all solo-travelers, consider yourselves warned. Prague is a city made for romance and couples. Venture into this place unprepared and you’ll likely be faced with all your old insecurities and get new ones (free of charge) for being a singleton.

I spent 3 days in Prague this past spring, and it cast its spell on me with its gorgeous baroque buildings, cobble stone streets and delicious food. It’s an easy city to navigate and, best of all, very affordable.


Day 1
On my first day I visited the two most iconic attractions in the city. Charles Bridge and Prague Castle. Knowing that Charles Bridge gets VERY crowded during the day, I made sure to visit it at sunrise. Seeing the bridge and castle illuminated in the early dusk rays was the trip highlight for me. It was spellbinding and (dammit) romantic.

Once the crowds arrived, the bridge groaned under the activity of people jostling to find the best spot to take pictures. Sadly, there were lots of beggars who positioned themselves at both ends of the bridge. They had a disconcerting habit of begging while kneeling in a sort of downward dog position. Very disturbing.

Next I visited Prague Castle, which is perched on a hilltop that dominates the city skyline. Arriving at the castle, I was surprised to discover that it’s actually made up of multiple areas that include: St Vitus Cathedral, Old Royal Palace, St George Basilica, Golden Lane and more. This is a massive compound and I spent most of the day exploring it.

Let me say, the view from the castle overlooking the city is breathtaking. It was so beautiful, I almost hugged the person standing next to me.

I didn’t, but I wanted to.

Charles Bridge and other bridges in Prague
The second bridge in this picutre is Charles Bridge, a gorgeous walkable bridge.  (img from Pixabay)
St Vitus Cathedral
St Vitus Cathedral (img from Pixabay)
Prague Castle
Prague Castle (img from Pixabay)


Day 2
On my second day I decided to explore the area around Old Town and just get lost in the city.  Old Town’s Square is a beautiful space that’s bookmarked by two main buildings, the Church of Our Lady before Tyn and the Medieval Astronomical Clock. The square is large and a great place to relax, grab a bite to eat and people watch.

The day I visited, the Square was hosting a viewing party for a Hockey Championship game between the Czech Republic and USA. There were large outdoor TVs, bands playing, lots of food and drink and crazy fans cheering for their team. I ended up getting drunk and chanting for the Czech team like I was a local. It was a helluva good time.

I was surprised to discover that Prague had a quirky side to it. It’s known for its David Cerny statues, which are not your typical statues. Cerny’s work is abstract and slightly risque. Some of his most famous pieces include: “Utero” (a naked pregnant lady made of stainless steel) , “Pissing” (I like to think of it as two men getting into a peeing war) and Babies (disturbing statues of babies with slots for faces).

David Cernys Piss Sculpture Prague
David Cernys Piss Sculpture Prague
In Utero
In Utero
Weird Babies Statues In Prague
Weird Babies Statues In Prague


Day 3

By the third day the cobbled streets had destroyed my feet, and I was in extreme pain. So I decided to do a Segway tour instead of walking. My feet were very grateful and it was a fun experience. We saw the old Jewish Quarter and other important monuments and sites that I didn’t get to see on my first two days.

We also visited Lennon’s Wall. During the end of communism (in the 80’s) students started writing John Lennon lyrics on the wall. Today the wall represents love and peace. Of course if you name a wall after John Lennon, then you better expect it’ll become a magnet for aspiring singers.

John Lennon's Wall
John Lennon’s Wall

For my last night in Prague I decided to go to a classical concert. It was a small and personal performance held in a tiny hall. The quartet played a wonderful selection of classical music. As I watched the band play I got a pang of angst. I wished I had someone to share this experience with.

Damn you Prague for making me feel this way.  Next time I see you I won’t be alone!

Below is a video from my trip to Prague.

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