Lounge Review: Petra Lounge (Alia Airport – Amman, Jordan)

Jordan's "Queen Alia's Airport" is a new beautifully designed airport which was opened in 2013. On one of my recent visits to this airport I got to experience Petra Lounge, Alia's smaller and lesser known lounge. On walking in, I immediately notice how tastefully decorated the space is. The furnishing in the main lobby are covered in earthy colors that gives the space a warm glow.

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Plitvice Lakes In Pictures And Video

Located in the mountainous Karst region in Croatia, it's known for a chain of 16 terraced lakes, joined by waterfalls, that extend into a limestone canyon. When we visited this park it was lush and green. The sound of the rushing water, rolling down the hills into the many lakes, filled the air. Walking through the park on the elevated wooden footbridges made the experience even more special. It was incredible to see so many heavenly waterfalls in one place.

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10 Reasons Why You Must Visit Croatia

Croatia is a country that's filled to the brim with stunning nature, history, beautiful old towns and countless gorgeous islands that dot the clear blue waters for the Adriatic. With all the attractions that Croatia has it's hard to believe that it's not the number one destination in Europe.

Below is my list of the 10 top reasons of why you must visit Croatia.

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Plan The Perfect Croatian Holiday

When I started my sabbatical, Croatia wasn't a country that was high on my must-visit list. After 10 glorious days (road-tripping with my brother and his finance), I was shocked to discover that Croatia had completely stolen my heart. I was left wanting more; yearning to spend more time basking under Croatia's warm sun, lazing on its beaches, getting lost in its incredible nature and sampling its heavenly food.

To help you make the most of your time in Croatia, I've prepared a 10 day itinerary featuring some of my favorite highlights from my trip here.

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Travel Basics Croatia

Below is some basic information you need to know about Croatia before visiting.

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Switzerland Travel Basics

Below is some basic information you need to know about Switzerland before visiting.

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Switzerland Itinerary

There's few places on this planet where the advertising fails to do the country justice. Prior to coming Switzerland, I'd seen the ads showing the stunning snow capped mountains, idyllic green meadows and awe inspiring waterfalls. Now that I've experienced them in person, I can say the ads lied.

Switzerland's nature is more beautiful, soul nourishing and humbling than any picture could hope to capture.

Writing a two week itinerary for any country is always tricky. It means you'll only get a taste of what a destination has to offer, and you won't see everything. In Switzerland's case, it's doubly tricky.

It has two primary tourist seasons, the winter for skiing and summer for hiking. My itinerary will focus on the summer and explores the big cities, outdoors and some of the smaller towns.

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A Guide to David Cerny’s Statues – Prague’s Banksy

David Cerny is the original Banksy. A daring, controversial and artistic trailblazer. His work is designed to provoke a reaction, force you to think and sometimes brazenly pushes political statements. In fact, he garnered infamy with his first piece "Pink Tank".

He managed to get a hold of a WWII Soviet tank, painted it pink and then placed a giant middle finger on it. It resulted in him getting arrested. There's nothing subtle about Cerny's work.

Over the years, his statues have become part of the city's landscape. Below is my guide to David Cerny's statues.

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Prague Top Attractions

Prague was one of the first cities I visited on my sabbatical and I was immediately besotted by its timeless beauty. This city is made for lovers, and it's why I wrote that all solo travelers should be banned from Prague.

Nicknamed the city of a hundred spires, walking through its narrow cobbled streets, I guarantee you'll fall under its spell. There's few places on this Earth that can match the simple romantic beauty of viewing Prague Castle from Charles Bridge at sunrise or sunset.

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12 Videos That Will Make You Want To Travel

I love travel videos. They have the power to transport you to foreign lands and offer a glimpse into other cultures. Now that my sabbatical is over, these videos have become an invaluable tool to keep my wanderlust alive.

Below is a collection of my favorite travel videos. Each item in this list has moved and inspired me to travel, and I hope they'll do the same for you.

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