A Guide To Brisbane

Brisbane is an afterthought for most travelers coming to Australia. The ugly duckling of the big cities, derided by locals as being nothing more than an overgrown small town and ignored by tourists for more cultured destinations like Sydney and Melbourne. I'll admit the only reason I visited Brisbane is because I did the hop-on/hop-off greyhound from Cairns to Sydney and it was on the route. Otherwise I wouldn't have visited.

So does Brisbane deserve its lackluster reputation? Is it a city that warrants time in your travel itinerary?

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Learning To Surf In Queensland

Queensland is blessed with a gorgeous coast that's lined with incredible beaches offering excellent surfing conditions for people of all levels. If you were ever curious about surfing or wanted to give it a try then this is place to do it. Up and down the Sunshine and Gold coast are lots of schools ready to teach you how to ride a wave.

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Visitors Guide To Noosa

Noosa was one of my favorite stops on my trip through Queensland. This beach town is famous for being the Hamptons of Australia. It exudes a monied atmosphere, especially around Hastings Street which is lined with high end boutiques, smart restaurants and coffee shops. Even though this town attracts more than its fair share of well heeled visitors, it actually offers a little something for everyone.

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Sailing WhitSunday With Captain And Tennille

This is a mistake ... a terrible terrible mistake.

I'd just checked into my hostel in Airlie Beach and was shocked to find a bar blaring loud music IN the hostel. During my travels I've been like a pendulum swinging between cheap shitty hostels to way-over-my-budget but dammit I need to pamper myself accommodations.

Tonight I managed to find the shittiest hostel in Airlie Beach filled with drunk young backpackers.

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A Guide To WhitSunday

The WhitSunday Islands is a premiere destination in Queensland. It offers stunning islands and some of the best sailing experiences in the world. The islands are part of the Great Barrier Reef, and most are designated as National Parks. Whitehaven beach was recognized as the best beach in the Pacific by TripAdvisor readers in 2015. When you land on this beach you'll recognize immediately what all the fuss is about. The azure blue sea laps against the glistening soft white silica sands. At the northern end of the beach sits a stunning cove, where the tide shifts with the sand to create a beautiful fusion of colors.

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A Guide To Magnetic Island

Located in the North of Queensland, a short ferry ride from Townsville, is Magnetic Island. It was named by Captain James Cook in 1770. As he passed by this island his compass stopped working, which he blamed on magnetic force fields emanating from it. So he called it Magnetic Island.

This sleepy little island offers its visitors a unique landscape. More than half its landmass is marked as a National Park and is preserved in its raw state. Only the outer fringes of the island have been developed to support a tiny residential population of around 2,000 people.

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What To Expect On A Liveaboard In The Great Barrier Reef

Diving in the Great Barrier Reef has always been on my bucket list. It was an incredible experience that totally lived up to my expectations.

As with most new experiences, I worried about things that were non-issues or never happened. I worried about being the lone inexperienced diver on the boat, I worried about not having a dive buddy and of course I worried about running into Jaws.

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Visitors Guide To Cairns

Nestled at the very top of Queensland is Cairns (pronounced 'Caans'). A small town that serves as an access point to some of Australia's most famous attractions. From Cairns you can book tours to go on hiking adventures in Daintree Rainforest or the Tablelands, dive into the Great Barrier Reef, daytrip to some of the nearby idyllic islands or have an extreme adventure like whitewater rafting, skydiving or bungee jumping. This is a town that lives on the tourist dollars and it shows by the number of activities and tours it has on offer.

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A Guide To Queensland

Queensland, the second largest state in Australia and the third most populous, was easily my favorite part of this country. It's blessed with miles of incredible beaches , beautiful verdant hinterlands, stunning national parks and of course the Great Barrier Reef. I spent a month traveling through Queensland

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