Temple Runs, Crazy Tuk Tuk Drivers And The Spy That Wasn’t In Siem Reap

I met up my friend Haki at Bangkok's airport, to catch a flight to Siem Reap. I'd just arrived from Tokyo, while Haki arrived a couple of days earlier from Singapore. We became friends in the most random way, in a Kyoto train station when he asked for directions.

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Island Hopping, Binge Drinking And Playing With Fire In Ko Phi Phi

The ferry finally arrived into Ko Phi Phi. As we neared the main island we pass smaller islets that are stunningly beautiful. Their tall rocky cliffs tower over the sea and are covered with green canopied forests. I stare out of the boat window mesmerized. I feel like I'm at the pearly gates of heaven and I'm about to step into paradise.

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Postcards From Nikko – Japan

It's autumn and the trees in Japan are colored with a stunning rainbow of deeps reds, yellows and greens. If you're ever in Japan during the fall then you must visit Nikko. This town is a popular day trip with locals and tourists alike. It's known for its elaborately decorated shrines and temples, beautiful parks, hiking trails and waterfalls.

Nikko is a nature lovers dreamland.

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The Meoto Iwa Scam

I never intended to visit Meoto Iwa, but I was conned into going by the Japanese Tourism office. I like to think that I'm a sophisticated traveler who's not easily scammed. It never occurred to me that I'd be played for a fool by the Japanese, since I consider them to be one of the most honest cultures in the world.

It's like being tricked by the Pope, never saw it coming!

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Photo Blog – Halloween In Shibuya

Last year I happened to be in Japan during Halloween. The Japanese are notorious for their love of cosplay and dressing up as their favorite characters. Halloween is a relatively new celebration in Japan, but from the crazy day and night that I spent in Shibuya it's safe to say that they have fully embraced this event.

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Sailing WhitSunday With Captain And Tennille

This is a mistake ... a terrible terrible mistake.

I'd just checked into my hostel in Airlie Beach and was shocked to find a bar blaring loud music IN the hostel. During my travels I've been like a pendulum swinging between cheap shitty hostels to way-over-my-budget but dammit I need to pamper myself accommodations.

Tonight I managed to find the shittiest hostel in Airlie Beach filled with drunk young backpackers.

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Yarra Valley Wine Tasting Tour

Australia is one of the world's top wine producers and (while in Melbourne) you must make time to visit Yarra Valley. There's over 80 wineries in Yarra, 50 of which have an open cellar door for tastings. Since I was traveling solo, and didn't want to drive home drunk, I booked a Yara wine tour.

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Fuck Rome. Marry Mumford & Sons. Kill Brother.

I love my brother but if I had a gun or a sharp object there's no doubt in my mind that in that moment at 3am, a triple homicide would have gone down.

I would've murdered my brother (and all witnesses) in a bout of temporary insanity.

I've never had a day go from so good to so bad that quick.

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Croatia Stole My Heart (And I Want It Back)

There's a risk when traveling that your heart may be stolen by one of the cities or countries you visit. Just like love, you don't see it coming. It just hits you hard and quick, leaving your heart constantly yearning to return to a place that feels like home. Croatia's my first experience with a country that has totally and completely stolen my heart.

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The Joy Of Being A Bad Tourist

After spending 2 glorious days in Venice (and stalking Guy Fieri) my brother, his finance and I get on a ferry that's heading towards Rovinj (Croatia).

On arrival, we disembark and immediately make a beeline from the port to Rovinj's town center to look for a taxi. As we zip through this beautiful town, we're blissfully unaware of what surrounds us.

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