Island Hopping, Binge Drinking And Playing With Fire In Ko Phi Phi

The ferry finally arrived into Ko Phi Phi. As we neared the main island we pass smaller islets that are stunningly beautiful. Their tall rocky cliffs tower over the sea and are covered with green canopied forests. I stare out of the boat window mesmerized. I feel like I'm at the pearly gates of heaven and I'm about to step into paradise.

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Zipling With The Flying Hanuman

I have deadly fear of heights. It's an irrational fear that I've struggled with all my life. I've frequently tried to face it head on, hoping to cure myself of this neurosis (like my paragliding experience in Bavaria). Nothing really helps.

Traveling through Thailand, one of my goals was to try ziplining. Probably the single most famous zipline in Thailand is the "Flying Gibbon" in Chiang Mai. For whatever reason, while in Chiang Mai, I wasn't able to schedule a time to try it. So after landing in Phuket and googling for activities, I came across the website for the "Flying Hanuman". I was intrigued. I knew I had to do it.

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Your Guide To The US Tennis Open

This year I was lucky enough to attend both the US and Australian Tennis Open events. Attending all the Grand Slams has always been high on my bucket list. Hopefully I'll make it to Wimbledon and the French Open, so that I can check this item off my list.

For those of you attending the US Open for the first time, below is everything you need to know to make the most of your experience at Flushing Meadows.

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10 Most Mouth Watering Dishes To Try At Smorgasborg – Brooklyn, New York

Smorgasborg, Brooklyn's weekend foodie market, is held during the Spring & Summer seasons. It should be on everyone's must do list, as it serves some of the most mouth watering food I've ever tasted. Thank God I don't live in Brooklyn, otherwise I'd be at this fair every weekend. That would dangerous to both my waistline and wallet.

Don't believe me? Below is my list of 10 things I tried that really rung my bell (in no particular order):

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Your Guide To Thailand’s Islands

Thailand has some of the world's best islands. Each has its own personality, catering to different tastes.

Some are famous for their wild nightlife, others are known as the perfect family getaway. There are islands that offer incredible scuba diving while others have remote beaches where you can live out your beach bum fantasies.

To help you plan your paradise getaway, below is a quick guide to Thailand's different islands.

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Photo Blog – Halloween In Shibuya

Last year I happened to be in Japan during Halloween. The Japanese are notorious for their love of cosplay and dressing up as their favorite characters. Halloween is a relatively new celebration in Japan, but from the crazy day and night that I spent in Shibuya it's safe to say that they have fully embraced this event.

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Learning To Surf In Queensland

Queensland is blessed with a gorgeous coast that's lined with incredible beaches offering excellent surfing conditions for people of all levels. If you were ever curious about surfing or wanted to give it a try then this is place to do it. Up and down the Sunshine and Gold coast are lots of schools ready to teach you how to ride a wave.

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Sailing WhitSunday With Captain And Tennille

This is a mistake ... a terrible terrible mistake.

I'd just checked into my hostel in Airlie Beach and was shocked to find a bar blaring loud music IN the hostel. During my travels I've been like a pendulum swinging between cheap shitty hostels to way-over-my-budget but dammit I need to pamper myself accommodations.

Tonight I managed to find the shittiest hostel in Airlie Beach filled with drunk young backpackers.

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What To Expect On A Liveaboard In The Great Barrier Reef

Diving in the Great Barrier Reef has always been on my bucket list. It was an incredible experience that totally lived up to my expectations.

As with most new experiences, I worried about things that were non-issues or never happened. I worried about being the lone inexperienced diver on the boat, I worried about not having a dive buddy and of course I worried about running into Jaws.

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Yarra Valley Wine Tasting Tour

Australia is one of the world's top wine producers and (while in Melbourne) you must make time to visit Yarra Valley. There's over 80 wineries in Yarra, 50 of which have an open cellar door for tastings. Since I was traveling solo, and didn't want to drive home drunk, I booked a Yara wine tour.

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