This is What Happened To Me After 2 Weeks In Capsule Hotels

I couldn't breathe. I felt like the walls were closing in on me. This is not normal. This is not natural. How can people live like this. How can they sustain their spirits and sanity living in such tight quarters.

This capsule had no ventilation and it was hot. I could feel my body burn up as I started to sweat profusely. The lamp inside the capsule was barely emitting any light and only illuminated a small corner of the box. I was sitting in almost complete darkness.

This box isn't like a coffin -- IT IS A COFFIN.

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Sailing WhitSunday With Captain And Tennille

This is a mistake ... a terrible terrible mistake.

I'd just checked into my hostel in Airlie Beach and was shocked to find a bar blaring loud music IN the hostel. During my travels I've been like a pendulum swinging between cheap shitty hostels to way-over-my-budget but dammit I need to pamper myself accommodations.

Tonight I managed to find the shittiest hostel in Airlie Beach filled with drunk young backpackers.

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Solo-Travelers Should Be Banned From Prague

Singles and solo-travelers should be banned from Prague. I say this with their best interests in mind.

The moment I arrived into the city I was struck by its romantic beauty; which was especially deadly during sunrise or sunset. Seeing Charles Bridge and Prague Castle bathed in the warm orange glow of early sunlight was simply stunning. Yet (at the same time) it gutted me. Prague made me mourn the fact that I was both single and a solo-traveler.

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New Life, New Start in Berlin

Sitting on the U-BAHN, on my way to Prenzlauer Berg, I look at Berlin's city skyline and I can feel the history of this city. Its communist legacy is very much evident in the architecture passing in front of me. Alone on the train, I sit nervously as my thoughts drift to my current situation. My head's filled with questions:

"What have I done? "

"How could I quit my job and life and go on this trip with no plan?"

My mind goes blank. I don't remember the reasons for blowing up my life, but I'm sure they must've been good.

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Lost In Marrakech (Part 1)

I knew Morocco wasn't a rich country, but I wasn't prepared for the city's grittiness. The streets are chaotic, the city landscape had a orangey hue and a cacophony of people, children and sometimes animals zip by my face as I look out of the cab at the passing city.

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