How To Find Cheap Travel Accommodations

The number one expense I worry about as a long term traveler are my accommodations. Hotels and long term travel don't mix. Unless your last name is Hilton, hotels are just not an option. Over this past year I've tried many different types of accommodations that I never thought in a million years I would try. This has become an extension of my travel experience.

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Start Saving Money For Travel Today

Saving money for long or short term travel can be difficult, especially if you're like most people whose paycheck completely evaporates by the end of the month. Or worse, you're in the red.

If you're in this situation, you're thinking the only way to find money for travel is to win the lotto, turn to a life of crime or sell a kidney on the black market. While those are interesting options (we'll call them plan C , D and E), let's start with some practical steps to managing your budget.

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How To Always Book The Cheapest Airfares

Trying to find the best deals when booking airline tickets can be a frustrating experience. Prices constantly fluctuate and the true cost of flights are hidden under the add-on fees airlines now charge. Trying to time when and how to buy tickets can feel as tricky as timing the stock market. So to ease your pain, here are my tips to help you get the upper hand when booking your tickets to nail the best possible price.

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12 Rules To Memorize To Stay Safe While Traveling Solo

Traveling solo is a great adventure and wonderful way to the see the world. You're the captain of your ship and have complete control over where you go and what you see. There's no one to consult or negotiate with. It's an intoxicating freedom, but its important you keep your wits about you. Here are my 12 rules to staying safe while traveling solo.

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Best Sites For Vacation Planning And Travel Deals

Travelers now a days have it good, real good. We're spoilt for choice when it comes to sites offering tools and services promising the best deals when booking our vacations. Everyone has their preferred travel sites they swear by.

Below are the sites that I use most frequently when planning my trips and to bag the best deals for flights, accommodations and car rentals.

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