Visit Sardinia The Jewel Of Italy

Sardinia, the second largest island in the Mediterranean, is heaven on Earth. Across this island are countless mountain ranges, beautiful beaches and idyllic towns. The great joy of traveling across Sardinia, is uncovering its many hidden treasures. You'll discover enchanting beaches, inlets and coves; some accessible by car others only by boat.

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A Guide To Melbourne’s Lanes, Art Alleys and Arcades

Melbourne, Sydney's artistic sister, is famous for its lanes, alleyways, arcades and cafe society. Walking through its hipster streets is an attraction not to be missed. These streets move to a rhythm all their own. There's a new revelation waiting to be discovered round every corner. Below is my guide to Melbourne's must see arcades, lanes and street art.

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Guide To The Best Japanese Gardens In Tokyo

Tokyo is a mega metropolis of steel and stone, yet people forget it also hosts some of the world's most beautiful gardens. The Japanese have elevated the art of landscaping to a level few other countries can reach. For a small fee you can stroll through these magnificent and meticulously designed gardens. The placement of every bush, flower, tree or boulder is purposeful and thought out. Walking through these stunning spaces brings a meditative quiet to the spirit as you sit back and enjoy your surroundings.

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Animal Cafes You Must See In Japan

One of my guilty pleasures in Tokyo is the animal cafes. I visited an owl, cat and dog cafes while I was there last year. Each place offered a uniquely different experience and the animals at each establishment looked like they were loved and well taken care of by the staff. Tokyo has a plethora of different animal cafes from the conventional to the slightly bizarre.

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Guide To Temples And Shrines In Tokyo

Tokyo has hundreds of shrines and temples to choose from; to help you with your planning I've created this list of must-see temples.

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Japan Food Essentials

Japan is an incredible city for food, probably the best in world. It has so many delicacies, you'll have a hard time deciding what to eat next. The best part, the prices in Japan will fit any traveler's budget. Below is my run down of some of the highlights and lowlights of food I've sampled throughout my travels in Japan.

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10 Top Melbourne Attractions

Melbourne is a hipster city that's recognized as Australia's cultural center. It has a vibrant and artistic side that can be seen through its edgy street art, art galleries and many festivals that run throughout the year. Visitors are spoilt for choice when it comes to chic cafes, restaurants and rooftop bars.

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