Thailand Itinerary

Thailand is one of the most popular destinations in South East Asia and a cornerstone in the backpacker's trail through this part of the world. It's a country that offers so much to its visitors, from a rich textured history represented in its many spectacular wats, temples and Buddha statues, to its stunning landscapes and wildlife to vibrant cities like Chiang Mai and Bangkok.

This is a country you could comfortably allocate months to and still feel like you need more time to continue exploring it.

My itinerary will presume you have two weeks to travel and will serve as a high-level guide. Thailand shouldn't be explored with a checklist in hand, you just need to go with an open mind and see what surprises unfurl in front of you.

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Top Festivals You Must Experience In Thailand

One the great joys from my visit to Thailand was being able to witness the lantern lighting festival. To see it in person, was more stunning than any picture I've seen online.

Truly, if there's ever been a window into Thailand's soul, it's the many festivals it holds each year. These festivals range from solemn religious ceremonies to events that feel like large outdoor parties.

There's no better way to tap into a country's traditions than to attend a festival. Below is my list of festivals you must experience in Thailand.

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10 Reasons You Need To Visit Thailand Right Now

Thailand is simply amazing.

It's a magnet for backpackers, families and the rich, all looking to escape their mundane lives. In Thailand they can explore pristine islands, visit amazing cities and immerse themselves in stimulating cultural experiences.

This is a country that doesn't discriminate based on budget. Rich or poor, you're guaranteed an incredible vacation. Be warned, you may have such a great time that you'll never leave. That happens a lot. I was shocked be the large number of expats I met who came to Thailand and decided to make it their home.

Here are my ten top reasons of why you need to start planning your vacation to Thailand right now!

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The Essential Chiang Mai Experiences

There's a reason why all travelers sing praise to Chiang Mai. It's the perfect tourist destination.

It's a place that invites you to dig into Thailand's rich and textured history by exploring its many wats and temples. There's Old Town, the bustling city center, that's a maze of streets and a bee hive of activity. Then there's the food, it's the best in Thailand. That's not an exaggeration.

Below is my essential list of Chiang Mai experiences you must try.

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24 Hours In Bangkok

Normally, writing my "24 hour in .." a city posts are tough, because 24 hours is never enough. In Bangkok's case, it's perfect amount of time. This is one of my least favorite cities that I've ever visited. I disliked the oppressive heat and humidity, the crazy traffic and the awful stench that follows you wherever you are in the city.

So, after that rousing introduction, here's my 24 hours in Bangkok itinerary.

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The Perfect New York Itinerary For Your First Visit

Coming to New York for the first time can be a daunting experience. There's so many things to see and do that deciding how to structure your trip can be confusing. I've been fortunate to visit New York several times over the years, and I love it. I love the manic energy of the city, the diversity of the people you meet and the dynamic artistic culture that thrives in this environment. So I decided to make my version of the perfect New York itinerary for people visiting for the first time. This will give you the classic overview of the city's main attractions and some unique experiences you definitely should try in the Big Apple.

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Your Guide To Hiroshima: A City Reborn

A visit Hiroshima is a moving experience. Historically Hiroshima occupies a dark chapter in our world's history. It's infamously known for being the location of where the first atomic bomb was dropped. The city was decimated and hundreds of thousands of people died. Its painful to be confronted with its history and the scale of damage, death and destruction wrecked on a human population; and yet it still manages to be an uplifting experience.

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Photo Blog – Halloween In Shibuya

Last year I happened to be in Japan during Halloween. The Japanese are notorious for their love of cosplay and dressing up as their favorite characters. Halloween is a relatively new celebration in Japan, but from the crazy day and night that I spent in Shibuya it's safe to say that they have fully embraced this event.

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Japanese Etiquette You Must Know Before Visiting Japan

Japan is famous for being a reserved country that values tradition, social conformance and societal rules. This strong attachment to their traditions is visible everywhere and makes visiting Japan a unique and wonderful experience.

As a tourist, having a basic understanding of Japanese etiquette will help you avoid uncomfortable situations. While the Japanese don't expect tourists to be familiar with all their social norms, run afoul of an unwritten rule and you can create an uncomfortable situation.

So in the interest of helping you avoid an international incident :oops: , below is a list of Japanese etiquette you should know before visiting Japan.

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7 Night Activities You Must Try While In Tokyo

Just like the big apple, Tokyo is a city that never sleeps. When the sun goes down another world comes to life. Below is a list of 7 night activities you must try while visiting this amazing city.

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