Lounge Review: Petra Lounge (Alia Airport – Amman, Jordan)

Jordan's "Queen Alia's Airport" is a new beautifully designed airport which was opened in 2013. On one of my recent visits to this airport I got to experience Petra Lounge, Alia's smaller and lesser known lounge. On walking in, I immediately notice how tastefully decorated the space is. The furnishing in the main lobby are covered in earthy colors that gives the space a warm glow.

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My Popup Experience In Amman, Jordan

On September 13th, 2015 "The Local Table" hosted its second popup restaurant event at "Carakale Brewery" in Fuhais, Jordan.

The Local Table is run by the delightful Sereen Kurdi, a local chef, who has an infectious love for cooking with locally sourced food.

The event was held in Carakale's Tasting Room, an airy room with large glass windows overlooking the production floor of the brewery in the front and spectacular views of the Fuhais Valley in the back.

Definitely a unique setting for this culinary experience.

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