12 Videos That Will Make You Want To Travel

I love travel videos. They have the power to transport you to foreign lands and offer a glimpse into other cultures. Now that my sabbatical is over, these videos have become an invaluable tool to keep my wanderlust alive.

Below is a collection of my favorite travel videos. Each item in this list has moved and inspired me to travel, and I hope they’ll do the same for you.

YouTube Videos

We Call This Home – Walter Chang

This is one of my all time favorites. Walter Chang started work in during the great recession, but had a dream to travel long term. So he saved for a couple of years and in 2011 he quit his job and took three years off to travel. The final product is powerful, it gives you a glimpse into this world that we call home.


Move – STA Australia

This is an oldie, but it damn its good. It’s only one minute long but by the end of it you’ll find yourself wanting to pack your bags and (just like the title says) “Move”.


Be Alive – EduarFilms

This is a new addition to my list, it’s from an independent traveler. It starts off slow, but ( oh man ) once it picks up hold onto your seat and be prepared for a major shot of wanderlust. It’ll make you want to call up your friends to start planning you next adventure — ASAP.

Time is nothing: A Journey Around The World

This video is a masterclass in how to do timelapse photography. Seriously, this is amazing work.


Around the world in 360 Degrees ( 3 Year Epic Selfie )

This video proves you don’t need a large crew to create an amazing video. Alex Chacón traveled the world on a motorcycle and created a simple yet addictive video using only his selfie stick.


Where the hell is Matt – Matt Harding

This is the video that started my travel obsession. Matt Harding came up with a simple concept. Go round the world, dance (badly) and get people to join him. He was one of the first to jump on the travel video bandwagon and hit it big. Even though this video is from 2008, it’s still pretty f-ing awesome.

Make it count – Casey Neistat

I have to be honest, I’m not a huge Casey Neistat fan. But I liked this video. Nike gave him some money to create an ad for #makeitcount. So he took that money, traveled the world until there was no cash left. This video was shot over 10 days and it’s done in the hyper kinetic energy that Casey is famous for.



Venture Out – Adventure.com

This video is inspiring and thought provoking. With strong visual images, Alan Watts recites excerpts from The Nature of Consciousness. Listen carefully to the words, it will make you rethink the way you approach your life.


Vimeo Videos

Watch Tower Of Turkey – Leonardo Dalessandri

This has to be one of the most famous travel videos of all time. Actually, I think of it as a short movie that’s deserving of a Golden Globe or an Oscar.

I don’t have the words to describe it. All I can say is YOU MUST watch it.


Caio Traveler – Celesty Lee

This is one of the sweetest videos in the list. Celesty Lee manages to capture the highs and lows of travel. It helps that she has a very engaging presence. Watching her is like watching your little sister challenging the world on her own. It really sucks you in.

Cuba: The Island lost in time – Maxwell Griffen

Cuba is only now opening itself to the world. This is a great video to experience some of what this little country has to offer.


In  Japan – Vincent Urban

This is the most artistic video in my list. Vincent presents Japan through an audio-visual piece that really stimulates your senses. Just like Watchtower of Turkey, this video transcends the travel genre and steps into the realm of genius.


Bonus Video

10 Month trip around the world (shot with a GoPro)

This is a video I came across by accident on Youtube and immediately fell in love with it. Very simple, shot on a Go Pro, but very effective. It made my insides squirm with desire to throw away everything and hit the road again.