10 Reasons You Need To Visit Thailand Right Now

Thailand is simply amazing.

It’s a magnet for backpackers, families and the rich, all looking to escape their mundane lives. In Thailand they can explore pristine islands, visit amazing cities and immerse themselves in stimulating cultural experiences.

This is a country that doesn’t discriminate based on budget. Rich or poor, you’re guaranteed an incredible vacation. Be warned, you may have such a great time that you’ll never leave. That happens a lot. I was shocked be the large number of expats I met who came to Thailand and decided to make it their home.

Here are my ten top reasons of why you need to start planning your vacation to Thailand right now!

1. The Beautiful Islands 

Thailand is blessed with so many beautiful islands, catering to so many different tastes.  

Looking for a wild time? Head off to Ko Phi Phi (filled with bars and nightly beach parties) or Ko Pha-Ngan (which hosts the notorious Full Moon parties). Want to learn how to scuba dive? Checkout Ko Tao. Feel like being a beach bum? Go to Ko Lanta. Need to be pampered in a 5 star resort? Then head off to Phuket. The options are endless. 

What do all these islands share? Lush verdant landscapes, beautiful beaches, clear blue waters and amazing underwater marine life. You really will feel like you've stepped into paradise. 

2. The Scuba Diving

Thailand has some of the wold's best diving sites, which are spread across a large geographic area. There's the Surin & Similian Island Marine Parks. Live-aboard trips set out to these protected parks, where divers get to enjoy colorful corals and fish. If you're lucky, you'll get to swim with giant manta rays and whale sharks. 

Don't know how to dive?  Don't have a lot of money?  No problem. There's Ko Tao, the dive master's island. This is one of the cheapest destinations to strap on a tank and learn how to dive.

3. The Temples, Wats and Big Buddhas

One of the biggest reasons I came to Thailand was to explore its amazing culture. Thailand is a Buddhist country. The Thai people still have a strong connection to their past.  You see it everywhere. In the stunning temples and wats, to the many statues erected in honor of Buddha, to the monks draped in their famous orange robes roaming the temple grounds.

It's simply a moving experience. 

4. The Festivals

The festivals. The festivals. The festivals.

If there's ever been a window into Thailand's soul, it's the many festivals it holds each year. These festivals range from solemn religious ceremonies to events that feel like large outdoor parties.  

The most famous festivals have to be Loi Krathong & Yi Peng. We've all seen the awe inspiring pictures of lanterns launched into the night's sky or sent floating down rivers. It's pure magic.

Then there's the Songkram, celebrated with the Thai new year. This festival (that represents a cleansing and renewal of the soul) was at one time was a quiet festival. Over the years though, the playful splashing aspect of the ceremony morphed into a crazy-fun public water fight.  

5. Bangkok 

For some, Bangkok can be an overwhelming experience. The crush of people in the city, the crazy traffic, the dirty streets and the unforgiving heat and humidity. The thing is, this is Bangkok. You need to accept it for what it is. A crazy jumble of untamed energy.

Once you get over your initial culture shock, you'll see that she has a lot to offer. There's the incredible food, shopping, temples and palaces; and (if you need it) the crazy night life that caters to every taste.  

6. Chang Mai

Chang Mai is one of the coolest cities I've ever visited. It's the polar opposite to Bangkok's frenetic pace. Even through its streets are congested, for me it also has a calmness that brings a beautiful quiet to my soul.

There's so many great things to experience in Chang Mai. There's the Old Town, which is surrounded by a  moat and defensive wall built in 1296. There are hundreds of amazing temples and wats to discover. They range from the large and ornate to small and humble; but their charm and grace are hard to miss.  Then there's the night markets that sprout inside and on the outskirts of Old Town. The best meals I've had in Thailand were at these night markets.

Chang Mai also offers many interesting tours and activities such as: elephant treks, nature hikes, the famous gibbon zip line circuit and of course Thai cooking classes.

7. The Food

One thing's for sure. You won't go hungry traveling through Thailand. There's much to be had in terms of street food, local delicacies and restaurants; and don't get me started on the cheap alcohol. Seriously, this is a country where you'll test the boundaries of your gluttony - hopefully in a good way.

8. The Parties

Thailand hosts some of the most hedonistic parties anywhere on the planet. It feels like no matter where you are, you're never far from a good time. 

If you're in Phuket, then head over to Patong Beach which is lined with endless bars, night clubs and go go bars. Ko Phi Phi has nightly beach parties with fire shows. Ko Pha-Ngan hosts the Full Moon parties, which are basically all night techno raves. 

9. The National Parks

Thailand isn't "only" about amazing beaches, temples and cities. It also has some truly spectacular national parks where you can do some hiking and nature watching. You'll be able to get up close and personal with some of SE Asia's most amazing creatures.

There's Doi Inthanon National Park where you can climb Thailand's highest mountain, Khao Yai National Park where you can meet wild elephants and Khao Luang National Park where you can hike off the beaten path.  That's just the tip of the iceberg, there are so many more parks to explore.

10. The Luxury Resorts

Most people who fantasize about visiting Thailand, dream of resorts where they'll be pampered in luxurious surroundings.  Thailand has earned its reputation for being one of the world's premiere destination for luxury travel.

Who wouldn't want to rent a bungalow with its own private infinity pool that has cliff-side views of the sea? Who doesn't dream of staying in a resort with its own private beach and a luxurious spa? Who doesn't wonder what it must feel like to stay in a remote island paradise, enjoying the spectacular nature far from the hordes of tourists? 

Who ever said "Money can't buy you happiness" hasn't stayed at Thailand's best luxury resorts. 

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